It’s been another fantastic year with so many beautiful entries, Thank You!

Looking through all of your beautiful baby photos along side their prenatal scans is an absolute delight! The jury has deliberated and we have picked our winners!


1st Place Winner of $300 Cash Prize:

Our visit with Prenatal Vision was an amazing experience! The staff is very friendly and makes you feel comfortable. During the ultrasound, the tech took her time and got carried away giving us more time then what we should’ve had done. We did this with both of our pregnancies and if we ever have another one I will be back.

Marjie DeVries



2nd Place Winner of $100 Cash Prize:

We loved going to Prenatal Vision. This is our first child. We were so scared and excited to become parents! We drove 2 1/2 hours to get there. We are so very glad we did! Getting to see our baby 4 weeks before he was born was the best experience of our lives next to his arrival. The staff were so friendly and accommodating. They spent so much time with us and made us feel right at home. We are thankful and grateful to have been able to have this opportunity.

Courtney Hale


3rd Place Winner of $50 Cash Prize:

This was our 4th pregnancy visiting Prenatal Visions. We have always had wonderful experiences here and couldn’t wait to see our newest little guy! We visited at 31 weeks and our little guy Anderson was born at 39 weeks. We love that we were able to feel comfortable and bring our other children so they could experience seeing their baby brother. Even they were amazed by how well you could see his features on the ultrasound. Thank you so much for the wonderful experience!

 Amanda Coulter

The following families receive Honorable Mentions and a  $25 gift card to Swell – Shop for Baby!


$25 Gift Card Winner:

It’s a boy! It was a surprise, we did not know what we were having… Meet Mason Jack, born 9/7/17 weighing 7 lb and 6 oz. We think he looks a lot like his ultrasound picture – especially those lips!

Erika Adams


$25 Gift Card Winner:

We have used Prenatal Vision for both of my kids and we will continue to return. We love how you explain every detail of the baby to us & will continue recommend you to anyone we know!

Carlee Bellon


$25 Gift Card Winner:

 My husband and I drove 2.5 hours for our 5D ultrasound and it was beyond worth it. At 30 weeks gestation we were so ready to see our baby girls face, and that’s exactly what we got to do at Prenatal Vision. Thank you for giving us this experience. We will most certainly be back with future babies.Jennifer & Nick Bailey

Cynthia Reeves


$25 Gift Card Winner:

This place is beyond amazing! I loved our experience. They quoted baby to weigh 7 lbs (at birth) at 28 weeks and she ended up being 7lbs 12oz at 40 weeks so I would say the guess was pretty accurate. They always made us feel at home…very relaxed atmosphere. Would recommend them to everyone.

Taylor Mills


$25 Gift Card Winner:

Prenatal Vision was by far one of the best parts of our pregnancy. We can probably all admit that being pregnant isn’t always easy, going to Prenatal Vision made this emotional momma very happy, so happy that I went THREE times during my pregnancy. The staff there are incredible and very welcoming, the place was clean and very calming, the pictures always had such great quality and detail they were just beautiful! By going there I learned a little more every time about my angels personality that I could’ve never known without going. I always left with a smile and for that I am grateful for having this place be a part of our pregnancy journey! When things got hard, these ultrasounds reminded me that every last bit of the pain and discomfort I was enduring was all for such a beautiful reason! And for that I am so so thankful!

Hannah Camacho