It’s been another fantastic year with so many beautiful entries, Thank You!

Looking through all of your beautiful baby photos along side their prenatal scans is an absolute delight! The jury has deliberated and we have picked our winners!


1st Place Winner of $300 Cash Prize:

Thank you so much to Prenatal Vision for capturing such amazing pictures of my baby girl! The staff was so nice and welcoming. The tech captured the most amazing pictures. She was very informative and made us feel very special. The pictures were spot on too. She looks exactly like she did in the ultrasounds! Definitely one of the best experiences ever!!!

-Kabra Grabill



2nd Place Winner of $100 Cash Prize:

I have been to Prenatal Vision for all three of my little one’s ultrasounds. This last time was my first time at the new location and I was very impressed! The room was nice and spacious for all my kiddos/family/friends to fit in. The staff was over the top accommodating…as always. Our pictures of our little one were amazing and they look just like her. She was a little stinker while in the room but all of the staff made sure we didn’t leave without some great pics. I will definitely be using them again if ever we try for another!

-Felicia Lilly


3rd Place Winner of $50 Cash Prize:

We had a fantastic time getting our ultrasound done at Prenatal Vision. We live in Eastern Iowa and had called a place much closer to home, but they told us we were too far along in the pregnancy to get any good pictures. I’m so glad we called Prenatal Vision because we got some adorable pictures of our chubby cheek little baby! Everyone at the clinic was very friendly. We even got to go a little bit longer than our time slot allowed. Our 4-year-old was just amazed to see the baby… it was an extra special experience for her. Thank you Prenatal Vision for a memory that will last a lifetime. J

-Greta Elsbernd

The following families receive Honorable Mentions and a  $25 gift card to Swell – Shop for Baby!


$25 Gift Card Winner:

I was amazed by our Prenatal Vision Ultrasound experience! So amazed that we came back 3 times to check on our little bundle of joy. The staff is wonderful. We could tell the ultrasound tech loved her job from the way she narrated our daughter’s every movement to the excitement she shared with me for my first born. We loved seeing our little girl bounce around, toss and turn, suck her fingers and more. Her features are identical to the perfect face we saw while she was in my belly! I truly appreciate everything Prenatal Vision Ultrasound did for us and encourage all mothers to stop in for this wonderful experience.

-LaNae’ James


$25 Gift Card Winner:

I am not high risk, so my OB only did the routine ultrasound at 20 weeks. A couple friends recommended we try Prenatal Vision, as we were trying to show our first son that there was a baby in there and he was coming out soon. We went at 36 weeks and got the best pictures. The ultrasound tech was amazing, took her time to explain everything, and move that baby around that was already head down. We got a few extra pictures outside our package and an extra one for brother, which he held onto and took to bed that night. I had only wished I heard about this earlier! Highly recommended!

 -Jennifer Reimann


$25 Gift Card Winner:

Our visit was a little unexpected. My husband purchased the 3D ultrasound package for my birthday in June. I was 8 months pregnant at the time of our visit. We thought that the pictures may not be as good and our baby could look scrunched in the womb since I was that far along. The pictures turned out AMAZING. Our two other children, ages 6 & 10, tagged along for the show. The sonographer did a great job telling them about their little brother, they giggled when she pointed out his boy parts, it was so funny, I cried-literally. I am so happy we got to share this experience with our children and that’s what I loved most about Prenatal Vision. The staff was very welcoming and I have recommended friends and family members here. I will be back for my next pregnancy. Thank you so much for the experience.

-Jacki Breuklander


$25 Gift Card Winner:

Our experience was amazing at Prenatal Vision. There was a very friendly staff and willing to make it the best experience for our family. The technician met our wants with images. She was very patient and willing to try to get our baby to move. The staff, cozy atmosphere and big viewing image made the experience great! Thank you Prenatal Vision!!!

-Teresa Donaldson